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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  September 19, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly who will be back on monday. hello, everyone. i'm arthel neville. welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters. >> i'm eric shaun. topping the news this hour. >> a historic moment in cuba. pope francis arriving in havana a few hours ago on the first leg of his ten-day trip to the americas. we're live in cuba. and the suspect in that serial freeway sniper shootings in phoenix appeared in court today. what he told the judge. plus this. >> don't you worry! we will be taking to the republicans just like we do -- >> democratic protesters crashing their own party's new hampshire state convention. why some democrats are
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frustrated with the party's leadership. first we start with a campaign trail. the republican presidential candidates hoping a little postdebate momentum will carry them through another busy week on that campaign trail. eight of the gop hopefuls, including donald trump, mike huckabee, senator ted cruz, rallying likely caucus examiners at the faith and freedom festival in iowa. among the voters, a big bloc for the iowa caucus and of course who is there, carl cameron at the iowa state fair grounds in des moines on who said what where. hi, carl. >> reporter: hi, eric. it's the faith and freedom coalition. this is the organization that ralph reed, the former executive director of the christian coalition founded some 15 years ago. the christian coalition went on the national map back in 1988
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when pat robertson came in third in the iowa caucuses. and tonight here in des moines, we are going to hear from eight candidates who will be speaking to this organization. some of whom took part in a separate event that took place in michigan today and yesterday. in fact, ted cruz for one has come -- is going to attend both. donald trump as we speak, is out at issue bandale in the suburbs of des moines where he's taking part in a homecoming celebration at a local high school. a crowd of a couple thousand. he's going to come here and speak tonight as well. cruz is going to do both macinaw and arrived a short while ago and held a brief media availability and was asked about donald trump's essentially not correcting the woman who suggested that barak obama was a muslim and asked what are we going to do about the muslims when trump said, we're going to take a look at that. well, cruz was asked about it. asked if he thought that mr. trump should have rebuked the person who made those remarks and asked those questions.
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and he took a bit of a pass, but at the end you'll hear ted cruz saying that while he courts trump supporters, he thinks what they need is a candidate who is has been a consistent candidate. a reference that donald trump in the past had liberal view. >> coming out of these last two debate, the momentum has been incredible. and i think the reason is simple. people are fed up with campaign conservatives. they're fed up with people who talk a good game on the campaign trail, but haven't walked the walk and they're looking for a consistent conservative, someone who is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. >> reporter: cruz would argue there is a lot of republicans who vacillated on some of their conservative positions over the years. but there is no disputing that donald trump at one point was pro choice. that he had supported president obama's stimulus and has said over and over again that he thinks universal health care is a success in places like canada
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and scotland. he'll be here tonight. he'll be speaking rather late in the evening, as will ted cruz. this is a very socially conservative gathering. 65% of the iowa caucus vote is evangelical. this is a very big opportunity for trump to show that he too is a man of faith. he doesn't like to talk about it, but he may have to tonight. >> that's a big, big chunk. >> thanks so much. we take you to the democratic side now. presidential hopeful hillary clinton is in our nation's capitol. she's joining the president and first lady at an events being held by the congressional black caucus. vice president joe biden making an appearance there as well earlier today as he tests the waters for a potential 2016 bid. kristen fisher live in washington picking up the story from there. hi, kristen. >> reporter: hello. so while joe biden spent the morning at the congressional black caucus prayer breakfast, the rest of the candidates already in the race spent the day in new hampshire for the state's annual democratic convention. one of the most headlined grabbing moments didn't involve the candidates. it involved the chair of the
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democratic national committee, debbie wasserman schultz. while she was speaking on stage, she was interrupted by several democrats in the crowd holding signs and chanting, we want more debates. there is only six democratic debates compared to 11 republican debates. the thinking is lesser known candidates like bernie sanders would benefit the most from more debates. but today the dnc chairwoman wouldn't budge. >> my friends, what's more important? drawing a contrast with republicans or arguing about debates? let's focus on our mission and the task at hand. enough is enough! >> reporter: shortly after hillary clinton took the stage and she had no problem drawing a sharp contrast with her republican rivals, especially donald trump. she slammed him for not correcting a man at one of his campaign events who called president obama a muslim. >> don't be distracted by their flamboyant frontrunner trying to bully and buy his way into the presidency. his latest outrage, the way he handled the question about
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president obama was shocking. but not surprising. he's been trafficking in prejudice and paranoia throughout this campaign. >> reporter: clinton also attacked trump's comments on immigrants, women, even his campaign slogan. she says america's already great, we just need to make it work for all americans. back to you. >> okay. thanks so much. fox news alert. the hope arriving with a message of mercy. gunning his visit to the communist island. a nation that once banned the church and kicked out priests before the pontiff heads to the u.s. later this week. earlier this year, the holy father stepped as a mediator, advising the two former cold war enemies to continue talks on normalizing ties. the pope now urging both nations to stay on that path. steve harrison is live in havana with much more on what was a
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heralded arrival a few hours ago. hi, steve. >> reporter: that's right. it's the first latin american pope stepping down here where people feel he is one of their old. he's also seen as one of the key mediators here in the closer relations between the u.s. and cuba. one of the people who made that thaw happen. he's popular for that reason as well. he told the people that the closer relations between the u.s. and cuba have given the whole world hope. he was met at the airport by cuba's leader. the 85-year-old raul castro. castro has warm praise for the pope and especially some of his statements on the economy, on the excesses of capitalism. raul said one of the biggest dangers in the region are predator tri wealthy nations. he did not mention any by name. it will be a very busy three days for this pope. he's going to give major outdoor masses tomorrow morning here in havana. then in central, then in eastern
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cuba. so he's going to move all around the country and really one of the main goals he's going to have is to revive the church in cuba. the church has had hard times ever since the communist revolution softened in recent years. this island of 11 million people, about 60% of them consider themselves catholic. but only 5% actually go to church. so he's going to try and change that. one thing he's not going to do here, which has drawn some attention and drawn some criticism as well, he's not going to meet with any dissidentses n. one who opposes the castro government. >> there is speculation about whether or not he will meet fidel in the coming days. thank you as always. we'll be having full coverage of this throughout the next few days. >> absolutely. a suspect in the arizona sniper shooting making his first court appearance today. police arrested 21-year-old leslie merritt, junior, last night. investigators say they linked his gun to at least four of the 11 confirmed shootings in the phoenix area. but merritt telling the judge today that he hasn't had that gun in months.
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will carr joins us live now from l.a. with the latest. hi, will. >> reporter: just a short time ago, authorities laid out their case against merritt, explaining why they say he is the prime suspect. they say that after the shootings started, detectives took bullets from the crime scene to determine exactly what gun they were looking for. so then what they did is went to pawn shops in the area and using ballistics tests, realized one gun matched. >> crime lab test fired the firearm pawned by what we believe to be mr. merritt. the test fired bullets were a match to bullet fragments from four casings over the last weekend in august. >> reporter: that landed merritt behind bars. he now faces a slew of felony charges. he made his first court appearance today earlier this morning and a judge imposed a million dollars cash bond. merritt said he can't post that. the judge also went on to tell merritt that he should probably
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not talk without discussing the case with his attorney first. he ignored that advice, saying he's not the i-10 shooter. >> all i have to say is i'm the wrong guy. i tried telling the detectives that. my gun has been in the pawn shop for the last two months. i haven't even had access to a weapon. >> reporter: so here is what we know about merritt. he's a landscaper. he's 21-years-old and the father of two. he's also very enthusiastic about guns. if you look at his facebook page, he has pictures of himself with guns, as well as video, which you're looking at there. as to the motivation, really unclear at this point. authorities continuing to look into that since august, since late august, there have been 11 shootings in the area right there along i-10 in phoenix. while authorities say they do believe that merritt is responsible for at least four, they say it's quite possible there are still other people out, potential copy cats. right now they have a $50,000 reward that they've had for the past week or so out there. they say that's going to remain
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in case people can help lead to any more arrests. >> let's hope no more shootings. will carr, thanks a lot. >> you bet. the united states government today expressing concern about russia moving those fighter jets into syria. u.s. officials say those planes were spotted hours after defense secretary ash carter spoke with russia's defense minister on friday. secretary of state john kerry has acknowledged today that those war planes could pose a threat to american and allied military forces. russia says though its recent military build-up is there only to fight isis. yeah. and eric, mr. kerry also calling the syrian civil war the root cause of the refugee crisis. thousands of migrants escaping war and terror in the middle east are pushing countries in europe to the brink as they seek asylum. hungary and croatia, just two of the countries struggling to keep up with the daily influx of refugees. john huddy has the details from our middle east bureau.
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>> reporter: thousands of people remain trapped along the borders of the countries that at this point are now refusing to take any more migrantses in, saying they're overwhelmed. among those countries, croatia, has started shutting down its borders with slovenia, serbia, and hungary. more than 20,000 people have flown in since wednesday. according to officials there. now the country's prime minister said that croatia will quote, unquote, force hungary into accepting migrants by bussing them to and leaving them at the border where there have already been clashes between hungarian police and migrants with police in some cases using water cannons and pepper spray to push people back. hungary at this point has called up 500 army reservists to deal with the influx of people and also reinforcing and sealing off its borders with razor wire fences. other countries, including germany and austere i can't, have also been calling up
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reserve troops and police to deal with the growing number of migrants there. austerian police say so far, close to 7,000 people have flooded into the country since friday. u.s. secretary of state john kerry was in london today where he said the migrant crisis cannot be properly addressed by dealing only with the number of people coming in to a country, but providing more support to them. >> it has to be addressed by dealing with the root cause which is the violence in syria and the lack of hope and possibility of a future that so many people in that region feel as a consequence of the violence that's taking place. >> reporter: european union is planning emergency meetings this week to address the crisis, a crisis that shows no signs of letting up as people continue to risk their lives for a better life. greece's coast guard said it found the body of a five-year-old girl in the see after the boat she was on apparently sank. 14 others remain missing. in jerusalem, john huddy, fox
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news. back here at home, the defense in beau bergdahl's military its case. explaining where he left his post in 2009. they're wondering will he be sent to prison for life or walk away from the military? former pentagon spokesman on what he thinks will happen to bergdahl coming up next. plus, a pair of twisters touching down in the midwest. incredible video caught by a storm chaseer.
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time for a quick check of weather headlines. people in middleton, california, are being allowed to return home as evacuation orders are lifted for one of the areas hardest hit by a wildfire. it's about 48% contained. a wildfire burning in the sierra nevada mountsens is 63% contained. the two fires killing five people and destroying more than 1100 homes. a pair of tornadoes touching down in eastern kansas and western missouri, damaging several homes. storm chasers catching one twister on camera. only minor injuries were reported. and mother nature put on a show in illinois. intense lightning illuminating
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the night sky. beautiful as severe weather hits parts of champagne. beau bergdahl was in court today. the army sergeant did not testify at the hearing, but his lawyers laid out their case. this as he faces charges of desertion and misbehaving with the enemy. he was captured and imprisoned by the taliban after leaving the post. he was at the center of the president's controversial prisoner swap for five high level taliban leaders. so what will happen to him? joining us now is a former pentagon spokesman, j.d. gordon. welcome. there was a hearing. article 32 hearing happened for two days. now determine whether he will go to court marshal. what do you think will happen? will he go to court-martial? >> i think he will. we're going to find out in a few weeks. i think it should be an open and closed case really. i mean, with all the evidence that the prosecutors have. look, he left his post willingly
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and he left four months into the deployment and he mailed all his uniforms back home. he sent an e-mail to his parents saying the hour is disgusting, trashed the army. i think it will be easy to prove desertion and i think it will go forward to a court-martial. >> he has been betrayed over these past months as a traitor, as you said, as deserter. someone who turned his back on his very country and put his colleagues in harm's way. but there was a contrasting view presented during this hearing that he is basically delusional. there was also a general wrote a huge report, interviewed 57 people. they claim that he suffers from severe mental defect and he had a psychological discharge from the u.s. coast guard. not many people knew about that. how does that play in to his potential defense or prosecution? >> well, that could be the white washing of this by the white house, eric, because the general that did the investigation, major ball, didn't find that beau bergdahl was sympathetic to the taliban.
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so i think that the white house is putting a lot of pressure on the military for this because look, if beau bergdahl gets put in prison for being a desert, it's going to look really bad for the president because he released five of the taliban top leaders for him. we're not talking about run of the mill guys. we're talking about two former governors, and others. that's number one. and also when bowe bergdahl's dad went to the white house, he started to praise allah. he was reaching out to them. and also very important to understand, the president broke the law, eric, when he released those five top taliban leaders because he didn't give the required 30 day congressional notification. if beau bergdahl is put in jail, it will be a disaster for the president. >> was there any evidence that the white house is putting any pressure on this general? the general has been in service for decades and had this report. let me read to you what he said in this report. quote, bergdahl left his base with the intention of walking about 18 miles to a larger american base.
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there he planned to tell a general about what he believed were serious leadership problems within his units. he knew leaving his post without permission and setting off a huge reaction would probably get him that meeting. so they're portraying him not as a deserter, but some -- like walk off the base and go 19 miles to try and meet with a general in the middle of the night? >> well, i worked at the pentagon and i could tell if you the white house wants to reach out and touch people in the military, they can. so that general probably would have a dead career if he came out and opposed the administration. he's going to do whatever it takes to stay in their good graces. that's just the reality of it. >> is there evidence of that exactly as opposed to him interviewing these people and coming to that conclusion? his view, as he has been reported to have said during this hearing, that bergdahl should not go to prison. >> yeah, the general did say that is frankly surprising because anybody that looks at it in the military could say this guy put his colleagues at risk, his fellow soldiers spent 45 days looking for him. there were more ieds that went
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off as the search went off. for the major general to say he doesn't think he should go to prison raises eyebrows. no, there is no direct pressure. there is no evidence of that. but i was a career naval officer. i spent 20 years in the military and i can tell you that i believe americans ought to ask the tough questions. >> do you think finally there will be those tough questions asked during a court mal shall? what do you think will eventually happen to bergdahl? >> i this i the military will come around. the military justice system will be served and i think they will put him in prison. but you never know how much pressure the white house is putting on the system. we can only hope the military justice serves justice. >> we'll see if the evidence comes out about that white house alleged pressure and we'll also see what happens to bergdahl as his case continues through the court-martial system. thank you so much for joining us. >> thanks. pope francis making his first visit ever to the united states next week and when he does, he's going to make a stop at a school right here in new york city that serves mostly
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immigrant children. we're go to show you how the kids are preparing for the holy father's arrival. >> that is going to be some events. and now to the campaign trail, there she is. man oh, man, she's been burning up the wires. carly fiorina surging in the polls after that strong debate performances the other day. what does this mean for the nomination and for the race as we continue? we will delve into carly, carly, carly, coming up.
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bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. half the republicans running for president are in iowa today. eight candidates are taking part in the annual event that is hosted by the faith in freedom coalition. they're hoping to rally a pivotal group of faith-based voters. pope francis arriving for his trip to cuba this afternoon. he's praising the relations between the united states and
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havana, saying it's a model of reconciliation for the world. the holy father will spend four days in cuba before heading to our country next tuesday. the string of scary highway shootings in the phoenix area, suspect appeared in court. he told the judge that police have the wrong guy. he says his gun has been in a pawn shop. but he remains in jail on $1 million bond. you republican presidential candidate carly fiorina is gaining momentum after her strong debate performances last week. in fact, in one new hampshire poll, she's now leading the pack. she has 22%, while donald trump is at 18%. dr. ben carson at 10%. so can carly ride this until the actual voting begins? bringing in daniel halper, online editor for the weekly standard. good to see you. >> good to see you, too. >> let's start here.
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so how much of this is caused by the wake of wednesday's debate and will the momentum stick? >> i think a ton of it is from wednesday's debate. she obviously came away, a lot of people are saying as the clear winner. there is a less obvious whether or not it will stick. now she'll face a lot more scrutiny. now she'll face a lot more tension. people will bear down on her, her record as the ceo, her record as a politician when she ran unsuccessfully for senate in california. so i think the dynamic changes certainly for carly fiorina. if she is able to ride it out, obviously she'll come out a lot stronger, obviously she'll be able to gaper a lot -- garner a lot more support and it will be in her favor. clearly a lot of conservatives, a lot of the republicans in the race would much rather be in her position than their own position at this moment. >> so you mentioned carly's record as ceo of hewlett-packard and her failed run in the senate in california. but how much of that will really
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be of concern of voters nationwide? >> well, a lot of questions will be raised. if you're gooen start attacking her, those are the places to start. but the good thing if you are carly defender, is that she's very, very good at defending herself. when people say well, you were fired as the ceo of hp, she says, well, when you bring change to places, people don't necessarily like it and that she's a disrupter and she would bring the same disrupting force to the presidency and to washington, d.c so she is a very good advocate for herself and that is something you can't discount ask something that definitely in her favor as she moves forward. >> so then what is it about her platform and her politics that would make her a good president? >> i think if you're looking ahead and you see a very, very fractured field. you have the trump supporters and the jeb bush supporters, or more boo broadly you have antiestablishment and you have the establishment. somebody like carly fiorina and this is projecting a little bit
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and a little bit of guesswork, but she in theory could unite the field in a way that other candidates might not be able to. you can't imagine right now a bush supporter favoring somehow trump or vice-versa. trump supporter favoring jeb bush. but you could imagine carly fiorina uniting the antiestablishment, i'm out of washington, i'm a rebel, i'm attacking the establishment. you can imagine those types of people supporting carly fiorina, and you can imagine establishment people saying, well, she's a very successful businesswoman and very impressive. and you could see her being a unifying force in this republican field. obviously she's a long way to this position, but it is possible and i think that should be her game plan going forward. i think that's where there is the most room to grow. you want to be a unifying force. >> strengthening the military, too. >> totally. and then so are a lot of republican voters. they tend tore pro military.
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something that's definitely in her favor and i think, look, she needs a wide tent in order to win. any candidate will. that's i think her trajectory if she's successful, uniting people around her message. she might not be able to do it and now she'll be under a lot more scrutiny. but she might be able to do it and i think that's the post forward. we're a long ways away from election day. nevertheless, she's in a very good position. >> long ways away for sure and carly fiorina wouldn't be in this race if she were not in it to win it. but let me throw out the hypothetical. people talk about in the end, could carly fiorina be the dems answer as vp? carly as vp, be the dems answer to hillary clinton as the presidential candidate on their side? >> well, it's very possible. she is projecting herself as i'm the counter hillary clinton. i could debate her. i could take her. and i'm a woman. they're going to say we're going to make history by electing hillary clinton, the first woman
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president and you too can make history by electing me. so i think both democrats and republicans are sort of seeing her. what struck me actually since this debate is how swift democrats have come for her. there has been a lot of pushback from democratic establishment on carly fiorina, which does suggest to me that they are scared of her, that she is effective and that they're worried that hillary clinton's historic place might be threatened by carly fiorina's rise. i think they have a -- >> or maybe they're after which ever republican candidate is the star of the moment. so maybe that's -- >> well, that's also possible. that could be a combination of a couple different things. >> all right. i have to go. but it was good to talk to you. thank you very much. >> have a great weekend. >> i will. tomorrow, chris wallace will sit down with carly fiorina to discuss her postdebate bump in a fox news sunday exclusive. you'll not want to miss it. and for your times, check your local listings. meanwhile, excitement is
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building here at home. the pope francis, ahead of his first visit ever to our country. a school in new york city is prepared to receive him with a very warm welcome. that school in east harlem serves many poor immigrant children. the visit promises to be rich, inspirational experience. bryan llenas has more on this visit from our new york city news room and the kids are getting quite a treat. >> reporter: no doubt. our lady of queen of angels catholic school will be the only american school the pope will visit. 24 students from four inner city catholic schools will meet with him. like nine-year-old nicholas, and eight-year-old allison who both feel like lucky kids. i sat down with both of them ahead of their big meet with the holy father and they gave me an education. >> i know that he's the first noneuropean pope in many years. >> the pope, when he was a kid, he collected stamps. now he's on the stamp. >> what i like about pope francis is that he is a soccer
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fan, 'cause i like playing soccer. >> reporter: it's no coincidence the pope is visiting our leal queen of angels. one of six partnership schools offering a catholic education from pre-k to eighth graders. the majority of the students are hispanic. 64% of the children live below the poverty line. yet 98% are going to college. friday is a chance for the pope to meet these successful kids face-to-face. >> kids say the darnedest things. think that's what's probably going to happen. and anything they say will be fine because it's going to come from their heart and it's going to be true. >> reporter: it's a big momentous honor for anyone and the kids say they're ready. >> i'm nervous and excited, but i'm more on the excited side. >> i'm nervous because it's the pope and i think thousands of people are gonna be here, so that's kind of -- it makes you kind of shy. but then you get used to it.
3:37 pm
what i'm going to say is i love him so much and give him a hug. >> reporter: the principal believes this pope seems to have a different connection with their community and she's excited about his message. >> his message is children be totally consistents with what we say. you are a child of god. you are loved. you are called to do well and do good. >> reporter: those kids are so adorable. for continuing coverage on the pope's visit to the u.s., make sure to go to eric, arrest they will. >> ill be covering it here. i'll be at the u.n. covering his speech there. but i'd much rather be with allison. i think that's more special. >> reporter: exactly right. >> i got a chance to meet the pope, i would have been beyond. what a great opportunity. >> we'll have all the coverage on the fox news channel all week. >> definitely. meanwhile, democratic voters are growing frustrated.
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they want more debate. more debates and they're not the only ones. hillary clinton's rivals want them as well. so what is keeping them from squaring off? we're going to discuss it. nasa giving us a new view of pluto. incredible animation. look at that. is that real? no, that's real. >> we're not showing fake stuff here. >> it's amazing. we'll have more on pluto in a moment.
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time for a quick check of the headlines. authorities in massachusetts say they know the identity of baby doe. but remain tight lipped about the motive in her killing. the toddler, identified as bella bond. her mother and a boyfriend are both facing murder charges. a virgin atlantic plane bound for london had to be
3:43 pm
grounded after its wing hit a fence at new york city's airport. it happened as the plane was being pushed back from the gate. and nasa today releasing a new animation of new horizon flyover of pluto. using hundreds of pictures taken by the spacecraft during the mid july fly-by. the republican candidates vying for the white house, they had the opportunity to two two debates. the democratic field have yet to even square off. the dmc has scheduled six debates. that has some democratic activists angrily demanding that that debate number expand. >> don't you worry! we will be taking it to the republicans just like we do every single election cycle! >> that's the crowd at the new hampshire democratic state convention this weekend. chanting they want more debates. chanting as the dnc chairman debbie wasserman schultz was at the podium and she defended the
3:44 pm
number of six. hillary clinton rivals they've been echoing the sentiment for more. they obviously want more of an opportunity to gain support over her and debbie wasserman schultz has been standing firm on the number six. is that wise? will there be more? joining us is professor of law and political science at usc, susan estridge, fox news contributor who was the campaign manager for michael dukakis' presidential campaign in 1988. back then, in '88, you had 22 debates. now they're just going to have six. >> i know. >> susan, 22 debates, what was it like? do you think six are enough? >> 22 degates were horrible. look, the problem with these debates, okay, is that you put a bunch of candidates up there, look at what's been happening with the republicans and while i like seeing carly fiorina as a woman, as strong woman, not my
3:45 pm
candidate getting some mileage out of the debates, the truth is 22 debates made all of the candidates seem smaller and smaller and smaller. and i've been on both sides of this. whoever is the frontrunner doesn't want debates. whoever is not the frontrunner walks around with chickens or their supporters carry chickens and say we need more debates 'cause they want a chance to, you know, ruffle the feathers, as it were, of the frontrunner. >> then you got where they have a debate themselves with a chair on the stage. >> ronald reagan did it well. >> others man. remember that grabbing the microphone? that happened in new hampshire. >> i paid for this microphone. that was a great moment. >> if you have a lot of debates, a lot of unpredictable stuff can happen. hillary says she would debate more. but what about miss debbie wasserman schultz? nancy pelosi is the biggest name in the democratic party to come out so far to say yes, there should be more debates.
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>> well, listen, is hillary really getting hammered and the numbers start really hurting, she may agree to more debates. but as general rule, i mean, i remember debating this in general elections and primary elections. as a general rule, and we're seeing this right now, as a general rule, outsiders, people without a lot of money, that's not donald trump, people like ben carson, or carly fiorina, they want debates because they don't gettings unless they get on the same stage with the jeb bushes and the rest. on the democratic side, of course bernie sanders wants a debate. he wants to be seen head to head with hillary and go after her. and of course, she doesn't want to have one 'cause what good does that do her? so we'll have to see if biden gets in the race, there will be
3:47 pm
more debates. >> do you think joe biden will get in the race? >> no. i honestly don't. but i do think that the people around him -- and i know a lot of them. they're some of the best people in politics in terms of skills. they're very loyal to biden. guys like mike donnellan, have been with him for decades. and i think the guys around him, and girls, would love to see him go. they're very loyal to him. they'd like another run. it makes the people around you a little more important. but i think at the end of the day, joe biden's going to look at what's ahead and look at where he is now and realize that he doesn't really need to do this. that he has established his place in american history, that there is a wonderful ambassadorship waiting for him and he doesn't need to lose another presidential race. >> and he certainly has touched this country. for going through what he went through. >> he has. that's why a lot of us don't want to see him lose. i would hate to see him go
3:48 pm
through a race and get hammered. he's too good and decent a man. >> tonight hillary and the vice president together in washington, d.c so we'll be reporting on that tomorrow. susan, thank you. always good to see. 22 debates. wow. well, maybe susan will be writing about that in her syndicated column. her column appears in newspapers across the country. you can catch it every wednesday and friday. arthel? >> good stuff. so christmas, it's still a few months away. but if you're looking for a holiday job, you might be in luck. big businesses say they could have a tough time hiring. what does it say about the overall economy, though? we're going to talk about that coming up. three months, eric.
3:49 pm
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i was going to the library to do my homework. it was a little bit of a walk to get to the bus stop.
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3:53 pm
says something somebody bad or controversial about him. i don't think so. >> and if somebody made nasty statements or controversial statements to me about the president, dow think he would come to my rescue? i say no chance, no chance. >> and then i put a third one. i left it. it was the end of my tweeting for the day. this is the first time in my life that i've caused controversy by saying something. i didn't say anything. that was amazing. there was a question. and most of you know what i am talking about and then to me, interesting, if i would have challenged the man or media who by the way are really professionals and they some cases are the worst. political media are the worst and very dishonest, many of
3:54 pm
them, many of them. i think i am going to write a book. hopefully i will have more important things to do. maybe i will write the book if it doesn't work out. this one fi would have challenged the man, statement negative to the president. the media would have accused me of interfering for that man's right free speech. no win. if i would have stopped him, and you remember the famous thing where john mccain ripped that microphotocopy out of the woman's hands. i thought it was little bit harsh, does anybody agree with me? that was harsh. they gave him so much credit. not me, i didn't give him a lot of credit. and this is the important one
3:55 pm
especially for this room. christians, i am a christian. i am presbyterian. can you believe it? great people. they are great people. christians, that's all of us, need support in our country and around the world. their religious liberty is at stake. obama has been absolutely horrible. i will be great. i will protect. believe me, i will protect because we are not being protected. so, the first priority of my administration is to preserve and protect our religious liberty. the first amendment guarantees the right to practice our faith as we so fit not during the holy days, but all of the time.
3:56 pm
wherever. it doesn't make any difference and whomever we wish. we'll be fighting because i think it is an important thing. we'll be fighting common core. and we are going to protect the first amendment. boy, he's a handsome looking guy. let's do that. >> that is donald trump addressing the iowa faith and freedom coalition. we'll continue this with julie banderas. and that's it for us. eric shaun, thank you for joining us on the campaign. the fox report up next.
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it is julie banderas and this is the fox report. ahead this hour, pope francis making a historic visit to cuba before coming to the united states later this week. plus, heart attack. investigators release the details on the short and tragic life of baby doe. brand new details on how police finally put a name to the face. republican presidential candidates out in force today on the campaign trail. that is live donald trump speaking in des moines, iowa. he sounded off over the


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